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Message from the Conference Chairs

Display, touch, smart and solar glass involve the manufacturing and processing of high-precision thin glass. This brings new challenges and opens large opportunities for the whole glass industry. During the conference, top-ranking representatives of science and industry will show how such products are made at the highest level of quality, under short cycles and with maximum output.

The conference will highlight the requirements on the product and what special processes are possible with the latest technology. On the first day, the programme will focus on equipment for the processing and finishing of display glass, solar glass and switchable glass. Day two will be all about products and the market. Future trends will be presented showcasing the wide range of applications of functional glass - whether it is in façades, windows, vehicles, TVs, touch displays or OLEDs.

You are invited to discuss how new business segments will develop and how emerging business models can create benefit for all involved parties.

Timo Feuerbach, Forum Glass Technology VDMA e.V.
Dr Jutta Trube, Director Photovoltaic Equipment VDMA e.V



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